NO-GI Judo Program

Kaizen No-Gi Judo

NO-GI Judo Program

  • Class Time : Wednesdays & Fridays : 6:30 AM - 7:30 PM
  • Head Coach : Saeid Sensei

Judo is quite well known for having the most effective throws. Contrary to popular belief, Judo techniques can be executed both with or without GI, and this program is a long awaited and the only official NO-GI Judo program taught in the greater San Diego area.
The new comers are all expected to know Judo break-falls (if not, they are required to take the preliminary class to go over the Judo break-falls as we value first and foremost the fighter’s longevity.)
The attire of choice for NO-GI Judo practitioners are rash guards, tank tops, and t-shirts for the upper body, while opting for spats, shorts, or even GI pants for the lower body.
The program starts from the very basic NO-GI Controls and Kuzushi (breaking the opponent’s balance), and moves on to the series of throws and continuations to the ground grappling and submissions.
This is an excellent program for the traditional Judo, BJJ and MMA practitioners. This will compliment well with your existing Martial Arts and add a valuable arsenal to your repertoire.
Judo throws are far more superior than those in wrestling and other martial arts and Judo includes a wealth of ground techniques and submissions which helps the MMA fighters to have a perfect mix of tools in their toolbox, and now all those are available to you in this NO-GI program.

NO-GI Variations of Throwing Techniques (Nage-Waza)

  • Hip Techniques (Koshi-Waza)
  • Hand Techniques (Te-Waza)
  • Foot Techniques (Ashi-Waza)
  • Sacrifice Techniques (Sutemi-Waza)

NO-GI Variations of Grappling Techniques (Katame-Waza)

  • Pinning Techniques (Osaekomi-Waza)
  • Choking Techniques (Shime-Waza)
  • Joint Locking Techniques (Kansetsu-Waza)

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