Adult Beginners

Kaizen Advanced

Judo for Adults - Beginners

  • Class Time : Monday-Tuesday-Thursday: 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Head Coach : Saeid Sensei

Our Adult Beginners program is designed to start you off on the right track. Kaizen means Continuous Improvement and we have developed a program which builds the foundations properly and incrementally advance your Judo both technically and academically. We give a great deal of importance to your wellbeing and teach how to protect your body and breakfall properly. During this program, you will be introduced to all aspects of Judo including Throwing and Grappling techniques (see below).

Throwing Techniques (Nage-Waza)

  • Hip Techniques (Koshi-Waza)
  • Hand Techniques (Te-Waza)
  • Foot Techniques (Ashi-Waza)

Grappling Techniques (Katame-Waza)

    • Kami Shiho Gatame (Top Four Corner Hold)
    • Kata Gatame (Shoulder Hold)
    • Kese Gatame (Scarf Hold)
    • Kuzure Kami Shiho Gatame (Modified Four Corner Hold)
    • Kuzure Tate Shiho Gatame
    • Kuzure Kesa Gatame (Modified Scarf Hold)
    • Mune Gatame (Chest Hold/a variation of Yoko Shiho Gatame)
    • Tate Shiho Gatame (Straight Four Corner Hold)
    • Uki Gatame (Floating Hold)
    • Ushiro Kesa Gatame (Reverse Scarf Hold)
    • Yoko Shiho Gatame (Side Four Corner Hold)
  • Choking Techniques (Shime-Waza) And Basic Principals
  • Joint Locking Techniques (Kansetsu-Waza) And Basic Principals

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